Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A collection of finished and unfinished work for my childrens book

A bit of a teaser as to the images that im going to include in my new childrens book

Linocuts of the world

A couple of the linocuts tht i have made, i am to collage these with other bits and paint some satalites wizzing around them.

A couple of designs for a book cover

Some swimmers: a possible idea for some future drawings and designs

A really rough design, i know, but it has given me an idea of how i can put these little underwater people/contraptions alltogether in a way where i can show some of the history of underwater exploration. I'll come back to these later on......

Mothers day card

Another tea towel

Just a quick drawing

Book cover entry for design competion

Two very ugly sisters

The owl towel


A possible poster for a language seminar