Tuesday, 4 October 2011

 These are various designs i have done. The first one is about what a birds tea party would look like but i think i need to tweek its colours in photoshop some more. Second is a card design probably for mothers day although i didn't want to specify this as any one could be thought of as a "mother hen". Third is a charecter design for the beast out of "beauty and the beast" which has to be one of my favourite creations as i think he just  perfectly personifies a beast to me.

poster about portsmouth

This took me quite a long time to finish as i have really been trying hard to learn more about photoshop which is a bit of a mission in itself. Having said that i am pleased with this and deffinetly think the time spent was worth it.

random summer stuff

These have been done this summer for various reason allthough i mostly centred them around a travel/USA/Australia theme which i have put in a photo album to give as a present.

zine animals

These pictures were made for a zine about fake and real (but seem fake) animals. The first two are based on the dumbo ocotopus which is actually a real animal and the bottom image is of a R.O.U.S meaning rodent of unusual size which is in the film/book "the princess bride". Very fun but short project.