Friday, 25 November 2011

Zizzi competition entry

This is my entry for the  zizzi resturaunt competition "Deliciously stylish". I have placed the food around the stripes creating pattern like texture with a playfull twist as the the food joins with another when it comes into contact with a line. I'm rather happy with it but i was debating for a long time whether to crop the red stripe out of the imagery.

some beasties

I have been researching into deep sea critters. Inspired by their strangeness i have come up with some of my own and as we havnt investigated the whole of the ocean whose to say that their isn't any weird beasties that look exactly like these down there. Hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed creating them.

My new project that starts with this question

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

 These are various designs i have done. The first one is about what a birds tea party would look like but i think i need to tweek its colours in photoshop some more. Second is a card design probably for mothers day although i didn't want to specify this as any one could be thought of as a "mother hen". Third is a charecter design for the beast out of "beauty and the beast" which has to be one of my favourite creations as i think he just  perfectly personifies a beast to me.

poster about portsmouth

This took me quite a long time to finish as i have really been trying hard to learn more about photoshop which is a bit of a mission in itself. Having said that i am pleased with this and deffinetly think the time spent was worth it.

random summer stuff

These have been done this summer for various reason allthough i mostly centred them around a travel/USA/Australia theme which i have put in a photo album to give as a present.

zine animals

These pictures were made for a zine about fake and real (but seem fake) animals. The first two are based on the dumbo ocotopus which is actually a real animal and the bottom image is of a R.O.U.S meaning rodent of unusual size which is in the film/book "the princess bride". Very fun but short project.